Less than 5% of Haitian students finish highschool and less than 1% of students who complete a secondary education go on to attend college. Many organizations sponsor elementary and secondary aged students, and Halo does sponsor some secondary or high school students.  Halo focuses on university and technical trade school students.  Our goals is to see each of our scholars attend a university or vocational program post-graduation.  Without your help the dreams in the hearts and heads of these students will die. 
The funding provided to these students comes primarily from your support. You will not only transform the lives of these young adults, but ultimately  transform the future of Haiti. Although our printing operation contributes most of its earnings to student funding, Halo relies on the generosity of its donors to accomplish it's mission.

Halo currently sponsors many students, but the students below are waiting for sponsors. To be blunt, these students will attend school only if they find sponsors. It breaks our heart but without additional contributions they will NOT be enrolled. We can do anything, but not everything. For more information on requirements for sponsored students click here Student Requirements 

When university students attend school far from their home, Halo may cover some living and transportation expenses. Currently there are Halo students in the Domincan Republic attending Universidad Tecnologico de Santiago (UTESA) studying medicine and nursing and another attending intensive Spanish training.

$50 per month will pay a students high school education.  $600.00 for a full year.

$220/month or $2650/year). Is the cost to sponsor a college student.

We encourage you to follow students progress and activities through our our contact portal listed below.

 Any contribution is welcome.
             You can pay tuition for one semester or month
             Pay for school books
             Pay uniforms (Secondary Students)

Sponsorships can be paid in three ways:

   1. Send a check to Halo Learning, Inc. at address:
         Halo Learning
         6150 202nd St. N.
         Forest Lake, MN 55025 
         Give name of student you want to sponsor.
   2. Contact our treasurer to set up a direct deposit from your bank, credit card, or other source.
   3. Pay online at our website by clicking on the donation button.   

All payments are securely processed by PayPal .  PAY HERE

Here a few students waiting for sponsors:
          1998 BACHENY 1997 LOVELY             2000 MELISSA
 Diesel Mechanics. Waiting  1 year.   Learning English.
 Medicine, Dom Rep. 10 sibblings. Excellent English.Learning Spanish
 Medicine  1st in her class at TLC and Concordia College. Excellent English.
             2000 ALEX    1998 TANNIS             2003 ROSE
 Alex is a "go getter" Started his own English school. Want to finish high-school. Attends Aristide Medical school Dropped out for lack of funding.
 Rose is at top of her class at Son Light American school in Port de Paix.
Has one more year in high school.
 2002     VAVA