Less than 5% of Haitian students finish highschool and less than 1% of students who complete high school go on to attend college. Many organizations sponsor elementary aged students but few help older students. Halo sponsors students in middle school, high school, trade school and college.  Our goal is to see each of our scholars attend a university or vocational program post-graduation.  Profits from our printing business go toward this effort, but we also rely on the generosity of donors to accomplish this mission.
I am Bacheny and am 20 years old. I have been finished with high school since 2018. Only 5% of the students pass the final examination. I worked hard and passed. One of the reasons I was able to finish high school is because Halo helped me. I have not been able to go to college because my family does not have money to send me. In Haiti there is a saying, “chita pa bay.” I guess that means, “sitting on your butt won’t get you anything.” Rather than sit on my backside, I have been learning English and reading as ... read more


My name is Lovely and I am 23 years old. I graduated from TLC Barefoot Elementary School and Concordia High School. My English is very good and I was an excellent student. Although I finished high-school a few years ago I have not been able to attend a university, because I am from a BIG family - 10 siblings - and my mom and step-dad do not have funds to help me. My mom makes some money doing laundry for others but it is not even enough to live on. I have worked hard to learn English and it is very good. There... read more
My name is Melissa. I am 20 years old. Like several of the other Halo students, I graduated from TLC Barefoot Elementary School and Concordia High School. I graduated first in my class in both of these schools. I have worked hard and am very disciplined. I didn’t graduate #1 because I am smart, but because I work so hard. I am currently attending Medical School at UNIFA University in Port au Prince but it is expensive and I don't know if I can continue. I volunteer at a local hospital in the pre-natal sectcion and am learning so... read more

My name is Rose and I am 18 years old and graduated from Sonlight Academy in Port-de-Paix, a small town on the north coast of Haiti last year. Sonlight is an English Immersion school and I was extremely blessed to be able to attend it. I graduated at the top of my class. Because my English is so good, I was chosen to be the simultaneous translator for US speakers who came to give the graduation address. I have a wonderful family. My dad works at a local school and does maintenance and repairs, but earns very .... read more

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My name is Damineda and I am currently in my 3rd year of medicine in the Dominican Republic.

My name is Edelyne and I am currently studying my 3rd year of nursing in the Dominican Republic.

My name is Nicole and I am a 5th year student of Medicine in Dominican Republic.

My name is Beaurdeau. I am in my 5th year of medicine at Aristed Medical School.
My name is Tannis and I.....
My name is Paulina and I am one of the youngest students in Halo. I just turned 14. I am in my first year of high school. It is a good French immersion school and I am one of the best students in the class. I missed a year of school because my parents were not able to pay tuition, books, or uniforms. Although I go to a French school, I am working very hard to learn English as well. One of Halos requirements is to speak English and I am hoping to attend the Caribbean English Language School on... read more
My name is Ilca.  My current grade is Secondaire #4.
My name is Naissa. My current grade is Secondaire #4.
My name is Woodlove. My current grade is Secondaire #4.
My name is Marly. My current grade is Filo.
 Dr. Pierre - Graduate Quisqueya Medical School - One of first Halo students From Compassion International. Graduated Lumiere Medical School Port-au-Prince. From Les Cayes, speaks fluent English, and Spanish.
Venise Nursing Assistant in O'Kay Haiti
Fabienne Medical Lab Technician - Carry over from Compassion International. Attended secondary school graduated philo, Completed medical technician school. Unemployed but she is a very articulate young lady with a good education.
Nandy MBA Business Administration and Computer Science. Graduate of Inuka University in PAP with a BS in Business administration, and in Computer Sciences. Speaks fluent English. Nandy was director of student activities for nearly 3 years, and then worked for Finca, a large microcredit agency in Haiti as an account manager .She is now a full time mom, married to a great man.
Jordany Graduate Computer Science
Sandy Graduate 2 year Business Administration
Elkeniah Philo student at Haitiano
Bacheny Philo Graduate - Diesel Mechanics
Myrla Unity School of Business, Graduate 2 year Business Administrations
Dieula Director Women's Ministry ALOH
Jessica Graduate in Tourism, Business
Feguens Graduate of Quisqueya University in Journalism, Photography
Denny Medicine
Stephania Graduate of Carribbean School of Tourism, Business
Berline - teacher - Carry over from Compassion International Did not complete Philo. Happily married to a pastor with a beautiful son and daughter. She lives in Gonaives. Employed as a teacher but earns next to nothing.
Denis - Graduate Medical School Magre y Maestra in the Dominican Republic
Alex  - Did not graduate, working in the Dominican Republic
Esther  - Carribean School of English
Nadege - Filo 
Woodmanie - Graduate of Canado Technical College in Computer Science
Rene - Graduate of Canado Technical College in Computer Science
Maurice - Accounting 
Vava - Has not passed high school exam 


We hold our scholars to rigorous requirements, click here to see the contract
they must sign to be part of our program. We ask that they:
  • Committ to diligence, dedication, hard work, honesty, morality, skillfulness, intelligence, healthy relationships, physical fitness and be grounded in faith
  • Attend church weekly and participate in other church activities
  • Work towards fluency in English and Spanish
  • Maintain a “B” average or equivalent and provide a copy of each report card from their school
  • Pass the Reto and Filo tests and provide a copy of the test results
High School Tuition:
$600 per year/$50 per month
High School Books & Uniforms: $100-150
$2650 per year/$220 per month
College Books: $100-200
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