Halo's roots began several years ago by sponsoring a few elementary age students through Compassion International. Now many of these original students are in high school, and the University. To date we have helped produce doctors, nurses, teachers, a BA in business administration, and graduates in computer technology, and accounting. Another 3  are in medical school and 9 in university or technical schools.This is a modest start but several more are waiting to be a part of the Halo Learning Inc. organization.
Halo support these students with your generous donations, but also by writing, publishing and printing an extensive library of texts, educational books, children's books and discipleship materials in Haiti. There are very few text books in the native language of Creole. Halo will change the problem of students not being able to learn due to the lack of educational materials in the spoken language of Creole. A landmark English text Ann Pale Angle is completed, and several other titles are available. We are passionate about inspiring change in the way of education. Not for just one child... but for a nation.

Our sister company Halo Publishing is now printing several books: discipleship materials, educational texts and motivational books. Most are in the Creole language but we also have titles in French, English, and Spanish. Although our primary focus is providing educational economic assistance to young adults, we are heavily invested in the printing business. You might say the “tail is now wagging the dog.”

Halo can format, print and publish books for you in Haiti at a fraction of the cost of US prices and no shipping costs! Our goal is to make the written word, in Creole available at prices within the reach of all. It is impossible to “get lost in a book” if there are no books to get lost in.

More and more organizations are saying that Haiti’s educational crisis can be eased by educating the nation’s children primarily in Creole, which all students and teachers truly understand. There are a few Creole language children’s books and texts from publishing houses outside of Haiti but they are expensive and almost never seen in school classrooms. Shipping the books to Haiti adds to the already unreachable cost of these items. Although we feel Creole should be the language of instruction, knowledge of other languages, especially Spanish and English is important in the 21st century world.  Yes we do print in French too.

Haiti is surrounded by 100’s of millions of people that speak neither Creole nor French. In today’s shrinking world it is even more important to be able to communicate in more than one language. Ability in only one language is not enough for economic development, to break down cultural barriers, attain educational success and economic security. Halo provides intensive learning in mono-lingual and multi-lingual books in the two most widely spoken languages in this hemisphere: Spanish and English.
If you are looking for Wordless Book supplies, here is a link: Wordless book supplies 

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