A New Chapter for HALO!
We are excited about the changes going on in this new chapter of HALO!
Be a part of change in Haiti in the lives of young adults & their education!
A Bit About HALO
Haitian Advanced Learning Opportunities Inc (HALO) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that is a faith-based Christian ministry in Haiti.
HALO's history includes the ongoing ministry of helping educate young adults in Haiti in various fields: medical, medicine, education, technology, and business. The areas of higher education includes technical, trades, graduate programs, high schools, and colleges.  Check our our Newsletters library at the bottom of the page for past activities.
HALO is focused on the training and education of young adults and leaders of tomorrow in Haiti. Most Haitian educational programs center on helping the children of Haiti. HALO's approach is different, focusing instead on the young adults in Haiti and their need skills, training, and education. A sustainable future.
HALO is about BOOKS. for education, children and discipleship.  Halo prints MILLIONS of pages and THOUSANDS of books every year    IN HAITI. 
Our latest books are a collection of  children's Bible Stories.  All book proceeds go to support students in Haiti. To see our this collection of children's Bible Stories
HALO's publishing facility contributes to Haiti with  FOUR bottom lines:
  1.              Continues the Great Commission with discipleship/educational books.         
  2.              Provides employment to Haitians.
  3.              Spends millions of gourdes every year in the local economy.
  4.            Educates 100's of students, and strengthens schools and local libraries. 
These great endeavors happen because of generous donations.
You can be a part of something good happening in Haiti and make a difference in the lives of young Haitian adults. Donate Today
You can be a part of change in the world today, change in Haiti!
Make a Difference 
Yes, you can make a difference in the life of a young adult in Haiti through your generous donation to HALO's students, their advanced education and learning opportunities in Haiti.
Be a part of the solution. Be a part of change in Haiti.
HALO: Haitian Advanced Learning Opportunities Inc
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Contact HALO by email through the HALO Contact Us link at the top of the webpage 
HALO is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization