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Halo Learning, Inc. is a faith based organization that is passionate about continuing the Great Commission by bringing books to readers of all ages in Haiti, and the Dominican Republic. Halo’s books are printed in the Creole language as well as French, Spanish and English. Many are multilingual.

Halo's roots began several years ago by sponsoring a few elementary school students through Compassion International. Today Halo sponsors students of other missionary organizations in Haiti as well as our own. Most original Halo students from years ago have finished high school, and are studying at universities in Haiti and the Dominican Republic.


There are hundreds of elementary and primary schools operated by numerous NGO’s in Haiti. However, there are almost no programs to support post secondary or older students, for trade schools or university education. Halo has focused on this age group and has graduated doctors, nurses, computer science majors and business managers. We have a long list of other young adults waiting to be a part of the Halo Learning program. A few are listed here. (Link waiting student)
Many Halo students are supported by your generous donations. But there are so many more that could be helped. Because the need is so great a growing source of funding for students comes from our printing and publishing activities.
Halo continues to support even more student by publishing and printing IN HAITI. This all started years ago from numerous requests for a text in the Creole language to teach students English without going to a formal language school. The result was the publishing of our landmark English text Ann Pale Anglè.
Today there is an extensive library of discipleship materials, text books for schools, language books, and a wide variety of educational works on
everything from veterinary medicine, micro-finance      FUTURE DR. BOURDEAU
and community development techniques.                  
MILLIONS of pages and thousands of books have been printed IN HAITI by Halo. Our goal is to make the written word in Creole available at prices within the reach of all.

More and more organizations are saying that Haiti’s educational crisis can be eased by educating the nation’s children primarily in Creole, which all students and teachers truly understand..We feel Creole should be the language of instruction. Knowledge of other languages, especially Spanish and English is important in the 21st century world. Yes we do print in French too.

Haiti is surrounded by 100’s of millions of people that speak neither Creole nor French. In today’s shrinking world it is even more important to be able to communicate in more than one language. Ability in only one language is not enough for economic development, to break down cultural barriers, attain educational success and economic security. Halo provides learning opportunities in mono-lingual and multi-lingual books in the two most widely spoken languages in this hemisphere: Spanish and English. Several of our students speak FOUR LANGUAGES fluently- English,Creole, French and Spanish.


Our primary focus is providing educational assistance to young adults from your donations but we are also heavily invested in the printing business to support these students. You might say the “tail is now wagging the dog.” Halo Publishing prints thousands of books not only for our selves but for others in Haiti–NGO’s, missionaries, churches, schools and libraries. Available from our library are discipleship materials, educational texts and motivational books Here are just a few that we recenty have published BOOKS AVAILABLE Halo can format, print and publish books for you in Haiti at a fraction of the cost of US prices and no shipping costs! There are many bools from publishing houses outside of Haiti but they are expensive and almost never seen in school classrooms. Shipping the books to Haiti adds to an already unreachable cost of these items.

 CHILDREN'S BIBLE SERIES for your Sunday school

SEE OUR LATEST BOOKS --   Ti Poul Wouj  & Kat Zanmi Mizisyon Yo Ti Poul 
These booklets, Children’s Bible Series are short 15-16 page stories based on popular Bible verses. They are beautifully illlustrated and in both Creole and English. It is impossible for a child to “get lost in a book” if there are no books to get lost in. Halo is changing this by partnering with churches, and individuals to make these booklets available at no charge to a child in Haiti. Bible Series
HALO is about BOOKS. for education, children and discipleship.   Our latest series of  children's collection of Bible Stories.  All sales go to support students in Haiti. 
For information on this series CLICK HERE > Children/ Bible Stories

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