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Ron Moore lives in Greenfield, Indiana with his wife where they run a small farm.  They have 3 grown children and 4 grandchildren. While these are his biological children, Ron considers all of the students in HALO his adopted children and loves and guides them in the same way.
In his younger years, Ron worked for the Peace Corps and spent years working and living in South and Central America. His first introduction to Haiti was when he drilled wells there in 1983 under Baby Doc Duvalier.   It wasn't until years later that Ron traveled back to Haiti as part of a medical mission team and met members from Compassion International.  He sponsored 3 children from the organization.  His heart then, and now, was to help the older children that were less likely to be sponsored by others.  He continues that mission through HALO today, helping young adults with their faith walk and education.
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Judy Jessen Huntosh has travelled to Haiti numerous times and has been captivated by the country and it's people. She underwent “trial by fire” on a recent trip to Haiti, riding moto taxis through the night and traveling in the famous tap-taps of Haiti. “You really get up close and personal on a tap tap. In one ride, I counted 22 people on the tap-tap which is just a small pick-up truck, converted to have benches built into the bed of the truck.”

Judy has a BA in Education from the University of Minnesota. She is a business owner, board member for Market America, founder of Flyaway Gymnastics in Forest Lake, Minnesota and currently serves on the Florida Economic Development Authority.

Carol Dimmerman - Photo and Biography Here

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