My name is Lovely and I am 23 years old. I graduated from TLC Barefoot Elementary School and Concordia High School. My English is very good and I was an excellent  student. Although I finished high school a few years ago, I have not been able to attend a university, because I am from a BIG family – 10 siblings--and my mom and step-dad do not have funds to help me. My mom makes some money doing laundry for others but it is not even enough to live on.

I have worked hard to learn English and it is very good. There are lots of difficulties in life - especially in Haiti - but I am trusting in God for a better life. When life is hard, I spend a lot of time in worship because I know the God I serve is bigger than any problems I have.

My passion is helping, and I love taking care of people – especially children. I help every summer at camp, and also serve as translator for visiting medical teams. Almost none are coming now because of the Covid-19 epidemic and political unrest. I have learned a lot serving with visiting doctors and nurses and it has encouraged me to take a first aid course to help in my community.
I also love to sing and am very active with the worship team at my church.  

My dream is to go to medical school. I am studying Spanish because I would like to go to medical school in the Dominican Republic for several reasons. Problems here in Haiti have caused many of the schools to close. Also, it is less expensive than here and the university there is a very good one. I can do so much more. This is an impossible dream without your help.

Even if you can't help financially, please keep me in your prayers