Halo is giving you the opportunity to go to the best schools and language training schools available in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. We want you to get a quality education that you would not normally be able to acquire. You are receiving what most students in Haiti only dream about. We are working very hard to be able to give you this opportunity.

Halo requires your diligence, your dedication, and your hard work to give us all the abundance promised us by our Lord. To be happy means that you must be honest, moral, skilled, intelligent, relationally sound, physically fit and grounded in faith. WITHOUT THESE YOU WON’T BE HAPPY.

Halo is a Christ centered ministry. You are expected to not only attend your church weekly, but also participate in their activities.

Students are required to maintain a “B” average or equivalent. Halo will require a copy of each report card or grade report from your school. We will talk with each school to learn when reports are available. We also require test scores for the Rheto and Philo

In addition to academic requirements, each of you must become fluent not only in English but also in Spanish. Actually, Spanish might be more useful and offer you more opportunities in the future. Language capability is a key to your success.

We would like to do more for each of you, but there simply is not enough money to do everything. We will pay for:


  • School Registration Fees
  • Monthly or periodical “mensualities”
  • Books
  • Uniforms.
  • Special school events and field trips.
  • In some cases, we can assist you with tap tap or transportation expenses.
  • Receipts, or pictures are required for all major school and tuition expenditures.



I have read and understand this agreement between myself and Halo and I will honestlyfollow all requirements.

Printed Name 

_______________________________                                   ____________________________

Student Signature                                                                    Date.

After you have been accepted as a Halo student, you will be expected to follow our guidelines as listed above and sign a confirmation that you agree to them.