My name is Melissa and I am 20 years old. Like several of the other Halo students, I graduated from TLC Barefoot Elementary School and Concordia High School. I graduated first in my class in both of these schools. I have worked hard and am very disciplined. I didn’t graduate #1 because I am smart, but because I work so hard. I am currently attending Medical School at UNIFA University in Port au Prince, but it is expensive and I don't know if I can continue. 

I volunteer at a local hospital in the pre-natal section and am learning so much. I don’t do big things, but everything counts especially for these fragile women.

In September of 2004, my journey at TLC started. I was 4 and I was in Pre-K! After TLC I went on to Concordia High School. It is a French school. TLC helped pay for it or else I wonder how I would have attended such a great school!! Concordia seemed to be very hard at first, then every quarter that followed I was number one in my class.  It was hard because the subjects were all in French but, with God’s grace, I was still number one in the class, even though it cost me many nights studying. I graduated at Concordia in 2019 and I was number one!! I thought being number one during every quarter for years would help me have a gain a scholarship, but it didn’t!!

The school is expensive for us even though it is the least expensive one among all medical school in Haiti. It costs $1,650.00 plus books and transportation for the year. My mom and I have no idea how we are going to pay it.
Will you consider helping me?