I am 20 years old. Like several of the other Halo students, I graduated from TLC Barefood School and Concordia College. I graduated first in my class in both of these schools. I have worked hard and am very disciplined. I didn’t graduate #1 because I am smart, but because I work so hard. I am currently attending Medical School at UNIFA University in Port au Prince but it is expensive and I don't know if I can continue.. 

I volunteer at a local hospital in the pre-natal sectcion and am learning so much. In her words, “I don’t do big things but everything counts especially for these fragile women.”

 I am great with God’s grace!! Just before I talk about what is happening to me actually let me have a little throwback 15 years earlier so you can know me better!

On September 2004, my journey at TLC started, I was 4 and I was on pre K! I love my journey at TLC it taught me every thing that helped me become the beautiful sensitive little woman that I am!! On 2015 I graduated TLC and I was number one of my class and my family was so proud of me and I myself was proud too!!

 After TLC I went on Nouveau College Concordia it was a French school, TLC helped paying for it or else I wonder how I would have attended such a great school!! Concordia seemed to be very hard at first then every quarter that followed I was number one in my class.  It was hard  cause the subjects were all in French but with God’s grace I was still number one in the class even though it cost me many nights studying but I did it!! I graduated at Concordia in 2019 and I was number one still!! I thought being number one during every quarter for years would help me have a gain a scholarship or help me but it didn’t !!

I am trying to go to a medical school called UNIFA. Since October things got worse! The school is expensive for us even though it is the less expensive one among all medical school in Haiti. It costs 18000 Haitian dollars ($US 1650.00 plus books and transportation) for the year. My mom and I, have no idea  how we are going to pay it.
Please I begg for help! Please help me in however you want!! I will pray for you and your family and please do the same!!

Waiting for your answer soon!