My name is Valencia, but everyone calls me Vava. I am 18 years old.  I attended TLC shool where I learned excellent English and graduated at the top of my class from Concordia College. 
I have one year left in high school, but here in Haiti we have a 13th year called Philo, which is about equal to the first year in college.  I have been trying for nearly two years to finish the Philo year.  Without a philo certificate you cannot attent a university.  And I have big dreams for my future. I know there are no limits to our dreams. 
I am in a single mom family and have 2 brothers and a sister.  My dad left us and is unable to help.  School starts in another week.  Tuition has not been paid. If I had uniforms and other things I could start and pray someone would help me pay for tuition but I can't even start because I need uniforms, books, a school bag and shoes (they won't let me wear flipflops).  Total cost for these items is about $US  70.00 .
Tuition is   $ 490.00 per year.   The school will probably let me start if I can pay half of it.  I am praying that you can help me with school .  It is a long walk to school but to go on a "taptap" or publick transportation costs more money.  That is why I walk. 
Sometimes I get discouraged but I always have a smile on my face,  Please pray for me to be strong and follow His Word../