Solisyon Mikro-Finans 
 Written in CREOLE

Haiti is full of aspiring entrepreneures but do not have the tools or knowledge to set up and plan a business. This book has Biblical principles to do it! Perfect for individuals or small groups.

Halo works with 100’s of small businesses and organizations to help them with literature, promotional materials, Books and reports. Over and over again we see the need for this book.   

Fifty-Six lessons in nine sections covering everything from starting to perseverance. Step by step, clearly written and nicely illustrated with worksheets and discussion topics through out the book that entrepreneurs can use to build a successful business. This book has been succesfuly used world-wide in developing countries.   
Available from Halo with an accompanying Teacher’s guide and worksheets.

Discussion topics in each section: 

 Price per copy  $8.50    Discounts available for larger quantities.
 Available at Halo Office:  #44 Rue Balmir, enface Adam, Delmas 83
 This book without a doubt is one of the VERY BEST books to develop aspiring entreprenouers. A must have for those of you working with micro credit programs.