Jordany Steevenson
 My name is Jordany Stevenson. My friends call me "Sonson". I live with my mother and 1 sister. My biological father abandoned our family several years ago. My mother remarried but it is not unusual in Haiti that step fathers do not support other children of a previous marriage. Needless to say, I am from a very poor family. I have excelled in school. A good education is my only hope for a better future. But even a good education in Haiti does not guarantee a good job. In spite of my poor background, I have been incredibly blessed. I am very smart (this is what others tell me). But I know I am not that smart, and the only reason I excel is because I work so very hard. I have studied English at my church, Haiti is surrounded by countries that speak neither Creole nor French. For me to succeed in our world today, I need to speak English. I am going to learn Spanish too!! I know that "all things are possible with the power of the Holy Spirit". I love music. I play the saxophone in school. There are only 3 saxophones at school, so we don't get much time playing the instrument. Like Elkeniah, last year I was one of two selected from nearly 200 candidates to participate in the Amicus exchange program and will be attending high school in the US. HALO is helping me with intensive English classes and the Amicus Exchange program. I want to see the world beyond Haiti.
Elkeniah Farinah
 I am 17 years old, but sometimes I think I am much older than my years and all of my life has been a continuous struggle. There has been 30 years of experience poured into this petite body. I am only 4-9" tall and weigh just a little over 100 lbs. When I was a baby, my mother gave me away because she could not support me. For years I never knew my mother.. I still do not know who my biological father is. I always wondered who my family was, and why I was abandoned.  For years I lived with many different people. To this day this thought about my father haunts me. Pastor Jean-Louis' church has become my family. Recently I found my mother and have reconnected, but she has several other children and is unable to help me. I am very independent and determined. I have lived on my own most of my life. I am a fighter. Even with the difficulties, I have remained a virtuous, righteous woman. I have managed to find funds to go to a modest school. Outside of school I have worked very hard to learn English. I never had enough money to go to a formal English school and have learned it by myself and at a few English classes given by my church, Partenaires Chretien. Recently I have received a grant from HALO to go to a very good English school and am progressing rapidly. Last year I was selected from nearly 200 candidates to participate in the Amicus exchange program and hope to be attending high school in the US. I am trusting in our Lord and the goodness of people like you to make this dream a reality. Thank you for your prayers.
Nandy Charles
 I grew up in Cabaret, a small town outside of Port au Prince. I am 29 years old with a younger brother and sister.  My father is a farmer and is 53 years old; my mother passed away several years ago, and I have been living on my own for several years since my father does not have the resources to send me to school.  I am devoted Christian and am involved in several activities in my church and with other NGOs in Haiti.  In spite of my hardships and humble background I have managed to obtain a degree in computer science. My faith and my church have given me the strength to become the woman I am. But even with a college degree it is difficult to find employment in Haiti. The unemployment rate is more than 70%. In desperation I recently took a job as a receptionist in a local school, but was never paid after 3 months of working for them. Life in Haiti is very difficult, and is impossible to comprehend to someone that has not lived here. Yes there is beauty and goodness here but much misery also. My dream is to study abroad, learn to speak English like a native speaker, and acquire the credentials to find a rewarding employment here in my native country of Haiti. Just recently I received an assistance from HALO to study English, and have been one of the top students in my class. This letter is being written by me with only a little help. HALO is now sending me to INUQUA University to study business administration. I hope this will help me find employment. Just a couple weeks ago, I received the HPCD "Gold Medal" award as a person who is "making a difference in Haiti". I am so proud to be receive this award. I want to take advantage of this opportunity to thank you in advance for your prayers and your help because without it this would be impossible to attend the university. God, in his love, has made you think of me.  I will work for the people and the youth in Haiti. I want to continue to make a difference. Pray for me please.
Pierre Louis Dacsol (MD) 

I was one of the very first recipients of help from the group that today is HALO. I wonder without you what would I be? What could I reach without your help? I did not have any hope or a goal. I was a person without aim. I used to work for nothing. I realized 100 hundred gourdes (45 gourdes/ US$)for a week. And sometimes, I do not even have that. Sometimes life in Haiti is so hard, my Mom, my Dad me, my brothers do not know what to do. My Mother worked for 400 gourds per month and my father planted a few seeds for a small garden. God has a plan for his children. Many people were surprised when they learned that Dacsol was in medical school. They keep asking questions: "Is Dacsol really a Doc?" They would never think I could go to medical school. Sometimes, they ask, where does he find money? They do not know. For me God provides and He takes care of his children. I am Proud to say that today I am a Doctor because of you. I will never stop thanking all of you for your prayers and help.

Fabienne Verdieu 

My father abandoned our family when I was very young. My mother found it was nearly impossible to send my sister and myself to school and many years we did not go to school. I was blessed when Compassion International found a sponsor to send me to school. What Compassion started, is now being finished through HALO. I love going to school and am working very hard to succeed. I am starting my last year, or “philo” this year. Although I have studied English, it is not very good, but I have excelled in learning Spanish, and was fortunate enough to spend a summer in the neighboring Dominican Republic where my Spanish improved very much, and I established a strong friendship with the families I lived with. Without the help I have received from Compassion and HALO, I would be nothing. My life has changed dramatically and I have high hopes for the future.

 Venise Verdieu
 I am Fabienne’s older sister. I was not fortunate enough to find a sponsor from Compassion and was not able to go to school for many years.  My mother is a single mom and in Haiti that is an impossible task. To help out, I became a “mini entrepreneur” and was able to purchase a small freezer, and now sell ice and fruit flavored popsickles. It has become a very good business!  When someone from HALO learned that I was not in school, some assistance was offered and  I am now completing my second year as a nursing assistant. I still have more studies to complete but dream to become a registered nurse. My mother is so very proud of what her two daughters have accomplished. Thanks to our Lord and what He is doing through Compassion and HALO.
 Myrla Palenquet
I am one of eleven children. I only am able to go to school every other year because my family does not have the resources to send all of us to school at the same time. In spite of this, I have been blessed with a wonderful mother and father. Many in Haiti do not have family to turn to. This year is not “my turn” to attend school. Although I am 20 years old, I still need one more year of study to complete the “philo”, or last year of secondary education. I have a very good voice and sing and dance professionally and at my church. Even though performing is one of my gifts my dream is to go to medical school become a doctor and start an orphanage here in Haiti. This is an impossible dream, but with help from HALO it can become a reality.

 Bacheny Charles

I am Nandy’s younger brother and am 19 years old. Until now I have lived with my father in Cabaret, a small town outside of Port au Prince. Cabaret is a very tranquil but isolated community without good educational facilities. My mother passed away when I was very young and my sister Nandy has been my 2nd mother. We are a strong Christian family.  Here in Haiti we don’t have much more than our faith.  I love music and singing as a pastime but would like to become an engineer or study accounting.  Being a part of the Halo program will allow me to acquire the education I need to reach my goals.