WORDLESS BOOK SUPPLIES.  For information on this project see: Wordless Book Supplies 
The most exciting activity of HALO is the printing and publishing of text books, educational materials and discipleship resources in the Creole language and do it IN HAITI. What started as a response from students to write and publish a text book to teach English to Creole speakers has grown to include printing of discipleship materials in the three languages of Creole, Spanish and English.
We are fortunate to have the leadership of Director Jean Robert Dauphin and his "partner"  Handerson Mexil to direct all printing activities in our office in Port au Prince and to help us with the writing, illustrating, and  translation of the Halo publications.  State of the art printing equipment allows us to print one or two copies of a book as cheaply as 100's of them.

Halo is a strong advocate of publishing in the native language of Creole.  Kreyòl
With instruction in French many students resort to memorizing letters and sounds without understanding   what they are learning and end up with low levels of literacy.    (1). Less than 10% of the country's 10 million people speak French fluently and in most schools even the teachers don't understand it well even though they're asked to teach in it. Very limited materials are available in Creole even though Haitian educators are pushing to bring the native Creole language to the front of the class. (2). Recent results from the 2014 National student exams were disappointing. Nesmy Manigat in a recent press release says, "The poor results in national exams is a constant, except this year it explodes in our eyes because the results are know school by school. The situation is worse in the secondary when for over 30 years, year after year, 70% of the students Rheto (11th grade or Bac 1) and 50% of the students Philo (12th grade or Bac 2) fail."

HALO will utilize equipment from The Publish 4 All Initiative at:Publish 4 All to print on demand in Haiti. In their words, "The global church is starving for Leadership Resources, Educational Curriculum, Discipleship Resources, and Bible Studies".