Preliminary student selection is made by a committee composed of Haitian educators, pastors, and members of the Halo board. Students are selected from our partner organizations such as HPCD, Haiti Teen Challenge, Young Life and churches in Haiti.

Not a part of one of the above groups? YOU can also nominate young people you feel are worthy. Not all students are eligible for international study but can qualify for assistance to continue education in Haiti, or attend specialized language training.

After preliminary selection, candidates must demonstrate language aptitude, and show academic capabilities through examinations or verbal interviews and a presentation to the board. Nominees who are accepted but lack language capabilities will be able to enroll in qualified Haitian intensive language classes in both English and Spanish.

To facilitate the language study programs, HALO is publishing a world class English Language text, Ann Pale Anglè  that will be printed in Haiti and made available to students in the HALO program as well as other organizations and schools. This project had its inception because many students complained about the availability of a good text in the Creole language to learn English. This text will be available for purchase on this web site as well as at our office in Port au Prince.


Jordany Steevenson

Venise Verdieu

Elkeniah Farina

Myrla Palenquet 

Fabienne Verdieu

Pierre Louis Dacsol

Nandy Charles

   Bachney Charles