Pastor Ernso Jean-Louis
Ernso is the founder of Haitian Partners for Christian Development (HPCD) and the pastor of a vibrant rapidly growing church, Partenaires Chretiens, that is focused on mentoring and developing young people in Haiti. HPCD is a successful organization that has a business incubation component for small start-up businesses and has been successful in creating scores of new businesses in Haiti. Today the organization includes about 50 Christian businesses and professional people in Haiti who are committed to young people and supporting each other in the development of businesses all over Haiti. If you want to understand the energy and excitement behind Ernso and his wife Gina, attend one of the church services at Partenaires Chretien or visit them at their beautiful guest house  http://www.eucalyptusguesthouse.com/. The best news is that Ernso is the front running candidate for Senatorial elections scheduled for the 9th of August.  

Ronald Moore
Ron’s first involvement in Haiti began in 1982, where he was involved with the drilling of several large diameter water wells to supply the city of Port au Prince. He continued to be “peripherally involved” for many years but says there is something about Haiti that captures your heart. A real commitment developed about 10 years ago through his work with Compassion International and the sponsorship of several children. He has served on the board of COFHED a very succesfull non profit organizations in Haiti, and is currently active with Haiti Teen Challenge, and Haitian Partners for Christian Development. Ron is completely fluent in Spanish and his Kreyòl is getting better everyday!                         

John Buettner
BS Chemical Engineering, MBA University of Minnesota. is a retired colonel of the US Marine Corps. Directed the water supply and purification system for the Desert Storm Operations. VP Operations WTC Industries, and recently retired from Donaldson Industries. John has lived in many countries in the world and has worked extensively in Haiti. He has language capabilities in Spanish and French.

Judy Huntosh With a heart for mission and a background in educating children, Judy is delighted to serve on the Halo Learning Board.  Judy graduated from the University of MN in education and spent 6 years teaching in the public school system. From there she followed her entrepreneurial spirit and started Flyaways Gymnastics in Forest Lake, MN, as well as being invested in Boomerang, an e-commerce marketing company. Judy has held many leadership roles in her church and serves on the Forest Lake EDA, (Ecomonic Development Authority)  The opportunity to be a part of teaching and  creating entrepreneurial thinking young Haitian adults in a Christian environment is amazing and such a natural fit in this phase of her life!  Judy is a mother of three and grandmother of 6 amazing grandchildren. She lives with her husband Bud in Forest Lake.

Ann Spinner  Teacher and librarian, with a heart for books and Haiti.  Ann has been to Haiti numerous times and has set up a beautiful library for Healing Haiti, in Titanyen. Ann is currently very involved with Eagle Brook Church, in the Beyond Books  outlet. She lives with her husband Roger in Centerville, MN
Jean Robert Dauphin  

Jean Robert is from Haiti, and currently is the Director of the Halo Publishing office. He completed studies at Modern Administrative Sciences College, and also is a graduate of Revelation Bible College. In addition to his management of Halo Publishing he is assistant pastor at Partenaires Chretiens Church, a rapidly growing, dynamic church in the center of Port au Prince. He has extensive experience in accounting, computer science and graphic design. Under his excellent direction and management, the Halo Printing operation has grown dramatically. Jean Robert is married to Ketna Felix, who also contributes to the Halo mission.

Carol Dimmerman  Small business owner in Forest Lake, and director of the Halo Mentoring Program.  Carol is very active at Eagle Brook Church, and serves as a group leader of hospitality volunteers.  As a small business owner she is instrumental in coaching and guiding many of our students that want to establish micro enterprises.