Continuing the Great Commission in Haiti
The Little Red Hen & The Four Musicians.
Two classic children's books from Mandy Thody.  These were printed several years ago and are now out of print but there continue to be requests for them.  Halo is pleased to be able to print them again  ..........IN HAITI

 The Little Red Hen  Kat Zanmi
 Great short stories for chldren.   Kids of all ages will love them!   Primary text in Creole but the appendix contains both French and English translations.
 Below are a few pages and illustrations from the book.
Bourik la di kòk la:  ou genle pase
kèk pi bon jou isit la ke nou menm wi?
Pouki sa ou pa kite kote sa a ou
   vini ak nou, ou ta ale nan rès monn
   lan ansanm avèk nou?  N' a jwe 
   mizik nan mach a pou kèk  pyes
   lajan epi n'a manjee n'a viv ansanm. 
Li te rantre lakay le. Li te mande
ak tout zanmi l you pou yo
edel plante silvouple? Men kot a
Chen di Pa mwen!
Chat di: Pa mwen!
Kòk di: Pa mwen!
Lapen di: Pa mwen!
Kana di: Pa mwen!
 These books are made available by Mandy Thody,Good Samaritan Foundation of Haiti
You can obtain copies at the Halo office 
44Rue Balmir
Delmas 83
Port-au-Prince, Haiti 

Only $2.00 each  or 220 Gourdes
 Halo can print your books too!  In Haiti
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