Available March 1, 2017     Halo Office – Port au Prince, Haiti

A beautiful full color children’s story about a Haitian frog, Wolfgang, and a Christmas concert. Although Christmas is past, this is a wonderful story for any time of the year.

For all of those who work in Haiti with young people, this is a great book to instill the love of reading and learning in children. In multilingual format of both English and Creole.

Wolfgang Pèdi Vwa Li
Wolfgang Lost His Whistle 
   Sa se yon istwa Nwèl pou tout timoun ki an Ayiti
  A Christmas Story for the Children of Haiti
by Rhonda Boulette 
Here is a sample page from the book: 
  Mwen bezwen geri aswè a.
 I need to get well by tonight. 

Mw' te pwomèt pou’m sifle nan lanwit Nwèl la 

I promised to whistle Christmas Eve night,

Et jodia, kounyea menm se nwit Nwèl la.

And today, it’s now Christmas Eve.

DECEMBER 2016   


Last December, In collaboration with Christians for Biblical Equality CBE , Halo has printed 300 copies of their book, Side by Side, ( Kòt a Kòt.). It is available in both English and Creole.

 What does the Bible really say about men and women? What should be our beliefs and actions as Christians? Contributors to the Side by Side conference, which included theologians, pastors, sociologists, medical doctors, biblical scholars, historians, and mission leaders, examined such wide-ranging topics as Bible exegesis, giftedness, the meaning of mutuality, They explored the Bible texts on women and men in the context of church, home, and society. The volume is a major contribution to the discussion on the place and work of women in relation to men. It will be a valuable addition to thoughtful home, active churches and theological libraries.
 Available at our office in Port au Prince in either English or Creole for $5.00 per copy (300 Htg).
            Anderson Mexil & Dieula Laguerre               Director Jean Robert Dauphin 
Women's Conference July

Halo’s first Women’s conference.    July 16, 2015

 Fifteen young women in the Halo programs had the privilege of spending an afternoon with Beaudelaine Pierre, and hearing an inspiring message of hope. Beaudelaine, from Haiti, is a Humphrey fellow, PhD candidate at the University of Minnesota. She is an award winning author of several books and each of the attendees received a signed copy of her book “Testaman”.  The meeting was held at the beautiful Eucalyptus Guest house and chaired by Halo Field Director, Nandy Charles.



                                                             Beaudelaine Pierre,  Jean Robert Dauphin  Nandy Charles


Women in attendance included those from our student sponsorship program, the Halo mentoring program, and YPR, a group of entrepreneurs, all graduates of the TLC school.


Yes, we do have several men in our programs, but since guests included Dr. Zenzele Isoke, and Beaudelaine Pierre, whose focus is empowerment and development of women we focused on the women for this meeting.  We will have another all inclusive conference with the men too in November of 2015.