I am 20 years old and I have not gone to school in two years. Most schools in Haiti are private and  cost a lot to go to. I live in one of the poorest slums in Port-au-Prince, Haiti - Cite Soleil - with an older sister.   My mother died when I was eight years old and my father has never been in my life. My whole life has been a struggle.   I am alone but not helpless.  I am a survivor and a fighter. 
God has blessed me with the ability to learn languages.  I have never attended a formal language school but have learned to speak pretty good English by myself.  I even started a small English class to survive.  My little English class was never enough to pay to go to school because all my     
students were just as poor as I am.   In addition to English I have learned to speak passable Spanish, and am now studying Chinese Mandarin.  I have many dreams and one of them is to be a linguist.  
Cite Soleil where I live is one of the most dangerous areas in Haiti and is ruled by gangs and thieves but I have fought to stay away from them.  My church and my faith have been my strength.  So much so that I think I would like to be a pastor, but first I have to finish what is called, "classic school" or high school here in Haiti.                                     MY ENGLISH CLASS
Hao has been trying to help me with school but do not have resources.  I trust in our Lord to win the victory.  Will you please help me reach my dream?